Thursday, February 7, 2008

Wrestling Divas on Project Runway

Fabiola doesn't want to come across as a Fanatic Project Runway Watcher, but she watches. If you watched, wasn't last night's show a complete hoot?

Michael Kors, at judging, that was Fabiola's favorite part. The look on his face -- fluxomed, no other word for it. To Fabiola it was obvious that he had no contextual rudder to use to steer his reactions. Poor lost lamb! Fabiola was roaring with laughter. Not at him! At the situation he was in. Fabiola suspects that he doesn't usually watch professional wrestling. Just a guess.

Fabiola has been on the other side of that weird out of context look more than once. Not that Fabiola is as lovely as the wrestling divas. Not by a long row. No siree. Whilst Fabiola is very tall, she also once described herself in the following way:

Think female professional wrestler, without the breast implants and with a behind the size of Texas. Ok, not the entire state, a small ranch at least. If I were horizontal (and covered with turf) I could support at least 2 feeder cattle and a goat, maybe a few chickens.

Fabiola digresses. Fabiola knows that she is a wonder. She also knows that look that Mr. Kors was struggling with last night. Bless his heart. He handled the situation with grace.

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