Sunday, February 10, 2008

Tuti-Fruiti Hat - That is The Answer

And now for the question. Posed by Anony the Commenter (Kinda sounds like a super hero, doesn't it?). Anywho, the question.
"What is it about buying some green grapes you consider throwing caution to the wind?"
The green grapes were at the very edge of the produce section dear Anony. That and they are the most dangerous fruit in the entire department. Some seek high adventure on Everest, Fabiola does fruit.
An Everest adventure costs thousands, involves Sherpas toting things (not that they are not lovely people I am sure) and Everest is famous for running out of oxygen. Fruit can be bought for mere dollars a pound, Fabiola can carry it by herself and there are always enough bananas.

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