Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Jump Starting A Semi

Oh, I , Fabiola didn't do THAT. But a friend of Mary's (actually a friend of the fella -- but the fella is out of town working) where was Fabiola? Locked in the broom closet tonight! THAT is where Fabiola was while Mary was up the road in the service truck, super dooper battery booster, reserve truck battery, and 2 pair of jumper cables in tow off to help jump start a semi tractor that just up and died in the middle of an intersection in the cold in the dark, isn't that the way that it always is? The truck started, it took 2 hours. All is well and Fabiola was out in time to watch Project Runway and jot this little note.

Shout out to Anony the commenter -- thanks for the wonderful sounding recipe in comments for Wednesdom! Will re-post as an entry when Fabiola can do justice to it. Hugs!

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