Friday, February 8, 2008

Gum Boot Day

The weather in Fabiola world has been changable the last few weeks. Sub zero cold to springlike 40's. Snow, rain, ice, rain rain, ice, thaw.

Fabiola just can't keep up!

Fabiola decided today that she is going to wear bright yellow gum boots everywhere for the duration.

That is all for the moment. But it is Friday evening, Fabiola (for once) has not much that she HAS to do, and Fabiola has a bar all to herself in the basement. Most of you have seen it before, if you read Mary's blog. If you haven't Link to a photo of Fabiola's Bar ('n Grill) here.

Meanwhile Fabiola is off to mix up something wonderful to sip on while she ponders a real entry for today.

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