Saturday, January 12, 2008

Scrubbing Saturday - Dog Hair Day

Dog hair day.

Dogs are wonderful companions, but they are also hairy beasts that leave a trail of cast off hair everywhere they go. For the most part vacuuming solves this problem, but every once in a while, I, Fabiola have to go through the house opening closet doors and cupboards near the floor to remove drifted dog hair.

Why it tends to collect in certain spots is a mystery to Fabiola, but collect it does. Today, Fabiola is going on safari to find and remove it.

Side note: Despite reservations as to their ability to handle dog hair, Fabiola bought 2 Roombas for the first floor. They do a splendid job of picking-up dog hair. That said, they don't replace a real vacuum (at least not in Fabiola world). Roombas do, however keep the carpet (and floor) surface picked-up inbetween deep cleanings.

Why two Roombas? Because Fabiola finds Roombas highly entertaining when they are let loose in the same room. Better than most TV.

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