Thursday, January 10, 2008

Fabiola Has A Dog ...

Say hello to Puppy!! What would Fabiola world be without a canine companion? You folks had Fabiola pegged as a cat person -- didn't you? Cats are lovely, but they are not nearly as much fun as dogs. Dogs are just plain loopy most of the time.

How does Fabiola know this? In a previous iteration, before Fabiola became a beauty, cooking and style Icon-ette to blogdom, Fabiola consulted on pet beauty and psychic needs. Pets can multi task too. New fur style and advice on living with humans was Fabiola's specialty.

Fabiola couldn't help but notice that cats don't much care what humans think of them. Any animal that knows that it is pointy from every angle doesn't need to care what others think.

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