Thursday, December 13, 2007

Silver Snowflakes

When presented with yards and yards of hillbilly chrome on a roll, what does a gal do?

Mary said that it was hillbilly chrome on a roll anyway, I, Fabiola, declared that it was silver snowflakes, dozens of them. They are now hanging all around the Christmas Tree, which only goes to prove that I was right.

You may be wondering how one acquires entire rolls of silver snowflakes (minus the cutting out part). Industrial surplus warehouses. I, Fabiola, nod wisely and declare that amongst the grease laden machines, the laser this and heavy duty that, are treasures. Metallic treasure on a roll.

Fabiola could see it. Would you have?

The photo, of course, does not do them justice. They are sparkly and beautiful.
Don't look at Fabiola like that. Fabiola knows that some of you have crocheted something or other ornaments on your tree, don't try to tell her that you don't. Your ornaments are wonderful it you love them! Fabiola loves her hillbilly chrome, ahem, sparkling silver snowflakes drifting around the tree.

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