Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Fabiola Doesn't Deal Well With Linear Time

What other kind of time is there, you might ask? Well, dears, pull up a chair, close your eyes. Now. Imagine time that swirls in circles, like snowflakes, only not as cold, usually. Makes ya dizzy doesn't it?

Fabiola's world.

Regardless, despite all the whirling and what-have-you, Fabiola did try her whiskey injected turkey idea. Well, whiskey s-l-o-w-ly reduced on the stove with butter, then injected. Not bad. Needed a not sweet cherry sauce. Maybe, maybe to be seasonal, cranberry, but Fabiola suspects that cranberry might be too aggressive.

That said, while the whiskey turkey was not bad, it just screamed pretentious fancy pants food. Well it did. Fabiola may live in a world where time refuses to sit still, but everything else has been shellacked in place for the last 60 years. Taste in food is no exception.


Anonymous said...

A mellon? - inject a mellon? - vodka?

Say - ever see emitt otter's jug band christmas?

Fabiola (or Mary or Both) said...

Inject a mellon with vodka? Heavens no!

Fabiola will only use shine for such shenanigans! And then only in summer. Mostly because summer is when mellons are. If you find a mellon lurking about any other time it is a foreigner. Like vodka.

Not that Fabiola is xenophobic 'cept about vine fruits.

Fabiola has not ever seen emitt otter's jug band Christmas. Is it similar to the Red Green Christmas special? Oh, that is is Possum Lodge -- not the same thing as an otter at all now is it?

Anonymous said...

Well, no but there is a Possum and a Lodge in the show. Find it you'll
like it.