Friday, November 23, 2007

Turkey Talk

Despite the fact that Fabiola called bad turkey mojo upon herself by announcing that she has never had a turkey disaster, this year's turkey turned out just fine.

How could it be any other way? Well, Fabiola is about to tell you how.

"Flavor Injector". That is how. This year while picking up a few last minute groceries Fabiola heard the dulcet call of kitchen gadgetry. There it was ensconced in cardboard and plastic, gleaming injector needle winking in the florescent light. Try me, the siren song wafted throught the air. Fabiola's hand went out and before she could think, there it was in her cart.

Now, there are people who use these syringe type devices with skill and Fabiola presumes great success. But, Fabiola likes to try new ideas and Fabiola in the midst of a creative frenzy sometimes does not consider that people have been cooking and eating for millennia, and if Fabiola is the first person to consider combining, oh, say, Turkey and blended whiskey, there might just be a reason for that *.

Fabiola has to admit that if it had been any day other than Thanksgiving, she would have actually tried the whiskey idea. Instead, Fabiola went with clarified butter.

Lots of it.

The bird was sublime.

But Fabiola still wonders. She, after all, has an injector and turkeys are still on sale.

* - In re-reading it occurs to Fabiola that phrase is mighty familliar - Fabiola has determined that she has interpolated it from something that Fran Leibowitz once wrote and Fabiola once read, only Fran's version was actually funny. As always.

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