Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thinking about Thanksgiving ...

Welcome! Welcome! So nice of you to stop by! Let me take your coat!

Make yourself at home! I mean it! Once you have been here five minutes, Fabiola is declaring you family and putting you to work. (Laugh!)

Fabiola is practicing. For tomorrow. Fabiola, the always gracious, always patient, always stylish, always polite doesn't really need the refresher, but Mary, sometimes, she forgets. So I, Fabiola, run the crabby old thing through a few refresher laps before any major event. Just in case.

What does Mary forget, sometimes?

1. That it isn't the turkey, the table, or the trimmings. Holiday gatherings are about friends and family, conversation, remembering, the joy of being together.

Fabiola also reminds Mary that not everyone is as well mannered as Fabiola, so one must make allowances. Now Fabiola has never had to use this at a family gathering, but she also reminds Mary to keep an small air horn handy and visible(the kind that you use on boats and are available in most sporting goods and building supply stores), just in case. Being a good hostess is one thing, putting up with children swinging from the drapery while parents ignore them is another. Two or three quick blasts from an air horn brings the situation to attention, and Fabiola doesn't have to say a single unkind word.

2. That some people will show-up hours early, some will be late. Have snack trays ready for the first bunch and leave a place at the table for the others.

3. Before you all sit down to eat, one dish that should be hot won't be anymore, one dish will be forgotten entirely, Mary will burn the bottoms of the brown and serve rolls. She always does. Why anyone lets her touch them is beyond Fabiola. I think Mary has issues with pre-made rolls. Where was I? None of that matters! Gatherings aren't about perfect, no matter what the TV says.

4. Fabiola also reminds Mary to take a moment to be truly thankful.

For Fabiola, gratitude is what this holiday is all about, no matter what else happens. Else can almost always be handled with laughter, a wet dishrag or an air horn. It is a known fact.


Anonymous said...

I'm there.

Fabiola (or Mary or Both) said...

Fabiola wishes Anony a blessed Thanksgiving.