Friday, November 9, 2007

Stewed Tomatoes

This was not much of a Fabiola day today, that crabby Mary was working, working and she was ignoring any suggestions that I, Fabiola, offered to make her day more ... well, more anything. What a drudge she is. All straight lines and three miles and hour she is. :: Whispering :: she wore two pairs of socks today and the inner pair clashed with the outer pair! The horror! What if she had been in some sort of a foot related accident? How would she explain her callous disregard for the state of her footwear?

She locked me in the toolbox of her service truck for most of the day, between the bungees and a two and one half gallon jug of 15w 40. I have to tell you that it is going to take several rubbings with washing soda to get the oil stains off the finger tips of my cotton gloves. The indignity.

But dinner! Finally Fabiola elbowed her way to the front. Fabiola decided that no, Mary was not just going to open a can of sliced beets and call it a meal. Fabiola was going to cook up something fast, nutritious, hot just the thing for the end of a long cold work day.

Stewed Tomatoes:

1 - 14.5 ounce can diced tomatoes
1 - Tablespoon Butter (real butter please) - or omit if you are watching calories or saturated fats -- but, the dish looses something without the butter. Well, it does. Olive Oil instead? Well, dear, if you must, it isn't Fabiola's way -- but if it is yours -- go right ahead.
2 - Teaspoons Sugar (just enough to cut the acid of the tomatoes - not enough to make them sweet)
2 - Slices Whole Wheat Bread (or any other bread -- as long as it isn't that super soft, only thing it is really good for is tearing into pieces then squishing into bread balls to eat like popcorn bread)
Salt - just a dash
Basil - a hearty sprinkle -- say 1/8 teaspoon
Black Pepper

Toss all ingredients into a bowl, heat on high power in the microwave for 2 minutes. With a small handfull of walnut halves on the side, Dinner!

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