Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Quest for Christmas (Tree Skirts)

Partridge In A Pear Tree <-- If you want to download this file

Partridge In A Pear Tree - PES file – 4.65” w X 6.64” h - 32270 stitches - 12 colors
Quick note on the embroidery files here -- Sorry! I had them stored on AOL hometown and as of October 31, that is gone. As soon as I figure out how to host them somewhere else, the links will work again.

Ok, the Christmas tree skirt. Fabiola's Everest of felt and glitter.

Fabiola must back up a bit here. Back by oh, say, almost half a century.

Wait. Fabiola needs a moment here. She just realized that “almost half a century” applies to her. Fabiola is making a mental note: Never again allow the word century enter you mind at the same time you are contemplating your age, until you can claim the whole thing. Decades, we are good with decades.

Cheerfully moving on.

Drugs. In the months before her glorious entrance into the big sleigh ride that is life, Fabiola’s mother had a doctor that believed that women shouldn’t gain too much weight while pregnant. Solution? He prescribed amphetamines.

Yes, yes, now sipping so much as a teaspoon of leaded coffee will doom an infant to a lifetime of … well, I am confused as to the dire consequences are certain to befall a contemporary child born to a mother who indulges in mild legal stimulants, but they are inevitable and terrible. It is a known fact.

Fortunately, before science, when Fabiola was not quite Fabiola, Mothers taking speed caused wonderful Christmas Tree Skirts. The whole Twelve Days of Christmas, from Pear Tree to Drummers Drumming, “I have never had so much energy”, was Mom’s remark regarding that time. Fabiola just bets THAT was true. Regardless of the reason, the reality was spectacular. Is, I suppose, one of Fabiola’s siblings ended up with that tree skirt.

Fabiola is working on one of her own. Perhaps, “working on” is too strong a phrase. Footaly-Tootaling around with felt, glue and embroidery is more accurate. Fabiola is attempting machine embroidery. Fabiola discovered shortly after purchasing her machine, that she HATES cutting jump threads. To avoid the tedium of trimming all those strings, Fabiola decided to create her own files so that there are no or only a few to trim when the machine is done stitching. To avoid spending minutes trimming threads, Fabiola is willing to spend hours creating the files. Of course dear, that makes no sense at all. Fabiola lives for moments like this.

Fabiola has the partridge in the pear tree and the French hens covered. Oh, and a Holly Sprig. Four Christmases (maybe five) have elapsed since she started. At this stunning pace, Fabiola will be done in another twenty years. Or so.

Three French Hens <-- If you want to download this file

Three French Hens – PES file - 5.83” w X 4.23” h - 44115 stitches - 14 colors

Holly Sprig <-- If you want to download this file

Holly Sprig - PES file – 1.9” w X 1.91” h - 3242 stitches - 3 colors

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