Sunday, November 18, 2007

Fabiola's Thanksgiving Nagging Day 1

It is four days before Thanksgiving. Have you bought your turkey yet? You should have, if you haven't, go shopping soon (today). If you wait, all the good ones* will be gone.

* By good ones Fabiola means the BIG frozen turkeys. You get more value for your money with the bigger turkeys (meat to bone ratio don'tchaknow?). Cooked turkey freezes!

If you intend to buy a fresh turkey -- Tuesday or Wednesday is the day. Fresh turkey should be stored in the fridge no more than one or two days. If so, do you have your fresh turkey reserved? No? Well! You are quite the gambler, aren't you?

If you are one of those "just enough" people (nothing wrong with that) buy a turkey that weighs

(Number of people eating) multiplied by 1 (or 1.5 if you want left-overs).

Speaking of freezers, if you have bought your turkey, is your turkey still in your deep-freeze? It shouldn't be, it should be in the refrigerator. If it is in a store display freezer (see above) or your refrigerator freezer, you have another day.

That is all for this morning. More later.

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