Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fabiola's Christmas To Do List

1. Plan a magical festive environment for the Christmas celebration using lots of lights and greenery.

2. Design table centerpieces that are beautiful, functional and fraught with seasonal significance and meaning. Think Red Green and Gold Painted Teasel and Evergreen boughs. Lots of candles, maybe a baby Jesus made of wax and wrapped in swaddling clothes in the center of … Fabiola is certain that no one would attempt to light the baby Jesus. But there is a bar in the basement. On second thought, a crèche, over the bar, high up, out of reach, surrounded by dear, miniature electric bulbs.

3. Send Mary out to pick the teasel (Fabiola doesn’t DO outdoorsy stuff, let alone grub around the edges of fields looking for interesting dried wildflowers). Locate the doilies and the Christmas Bulb pickle forks; make sure that Mary remembers to use them this year.

Mary, that dear girl took a few moments out of her day today to find and bring back some teasel. <-- Wiki link

And then she painted them for me! She only picked a few, because she did not trust Fabiola. She wondered aloud why she was painting weeds fake brass and hillbilly chrome. I will send her out for more tomorrow.

Fabiola is going to be a busy busy girl!

Mary's Christmas To Do List

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Anonymous said...

4. Buy on sale turkey -inject with blended whiskey.

Fabiola (or Mary or Both) said...

Hello dear Anony! Thank you for visiting!

Yes, Christmas may just be the opportunity to try that idea! Fabiola imagines that the smoked earth flavor of the whiskey would compliment the turkey! I will talk Mary into trying it.