Sunday, November 11, 2007

Fabiola Misses the Groovy Part ...

Fabiola misses the "groovy part" that used to reside in the middle of songs in the seventies.

There is something wonderful and dramatic about a song, that pauses half-way through, changes tempo, theme or just segues into an instrumental then stops and goes back to what is was doing before as if nothing had happened. Fabiola just loves a little craziness in the middle bringing things to a momentary stop. Keeps life interesting.

Starship's "Jane" is a perfect example. And Fabiola feels compelled to point out that the word perfect was not a casual choice.

It seems to Fabiola that the music of today (at least the music that she hears whilst driving around) all seems to be the same boom thunka boom thunka boom. Fabiola thinks that if the musicians of today can't find it in themselves to actually sing -- they should at least consider bringing back the groovy part in the middle of the song.

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At the very least.