Sunday, October 21, 2007

Who (or what) is a Fabiola?

Begin at the beginning . . .
and go on till you come to the end:
then stop.

Alice's Adventure in Wonderland
Lewis Carroll

Hello there! Fabiola has been wondering if you have been wondering (where, how and honestly) -- why Fabiola?


Because there are people who maintain more or less predictable, well-ordered, carefully crafted lives. Because there are people who rarely appear outside the confines of their immaculate organized homes looking anything short of groomed. Because there are people who's lives are scheduled and stay that way, mostly.

Because there are people who have never entertained the notion of oh, say, painting an olive green couch black, or decorating their jeans top to bottom with clouds and smiling sun faces. Because there are people who have never in their lives, missed even one nail or hair appointment. Because Fabiola's alter ego Mary isn't one of those people, Fabiola had to step into the role of grand marshal to keep Mary's circus parade headed towards the big top instead of in circles.

That's why.

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