Sunday, October 28, 2007

A New Broom

Fabiola danced and dusted, sashayed and scrubbed her way through the late morning and a goodly part of the afternoon. She laughed and laundered then paused. Time for the kitchen floor. Grabbing her trusty corn broom, yes corn broom the dust and dirt was gone quickly, but not in the flash that Fabiola is used to. Sadly, even the best of corn brooms - eventually - will become too worn to be a house broom and be banished to the garage.

So, Fabiola traded her house dress for her goin out and about gear then proceeded to the local farm store to buy a brand spankin new corn broom. Oh, there are soft brooms, brooms shaped to get into corners, brooms that are flat and take an endless series of expensive disposable paper pads (some of them with cleaing agents - some that start out dry but have a handy trigger that spritzes on the floor) there are brooms that plug into the wall and aren't really brooms at all. Despite all of these, Fabiola gets misty over the sheer versitility of the simple corn broom.

Fabiola asks you -- what other house cleaning tool can sweep a floor, clean the edges of wall to wall carpet, edges that even "edge cleaning" vacuums don't clean all that well, add an almost authentic air to certain Halloween costumes, and put a serviceable non-slip finish on the surface of a freshly poured concrete walkway?


Anonymous said...

A new groom?

Fabiola (or Mary or Both) said...

Fabiola is laughing. Anony you are clever, clever, clever!

Thanks for being you!

Side note. You may have forgotten that Fabiola lives in the middle of the country, IN the country. As a rule the fellas here do not cook, clean, do dishes, laundry or take out the garbage. Ever. While a new one could be acquired at the local farm store . . .

Anonymous said...

A man may work from sun to sun but a woman's work is never done.