Friday, October 26, 2007

Just Checking In ...

Wild busy day today.

Only item worth noting here was a super quick dessert for dinner. Two slices of bread, buttered one side, preserved peaches (I used no sugar added), and mini marshmallows. Assemble bread buttered side out, peaches, mini marshmallows, other piece of bread, grill as you would a grilled cheese sandwich.

I guess that it was a grilled peach and marshmallow ... hmm sandwich?

A sprinkly of nutmeg over the peaches before the marshmallows and grilling is nice sometimes.

Anony, do you have a favorite sweet grilled sandwich?


Anonymous said...

Apricot preserves & home maid apple butter between a couple pieces of french toast.

Anonymous said...

We’ve got a crock with a wire basket in it that holds 6 quart jars.
What we do with it after heating some water in the crock to the
Boiling point is to put 6 jars in the basket and dunk em in there for
10-15 min. Before that we fill the jars with cut up jalapenos and
Put the lids on them. Before the lids mix 3 quarts of water with 4 cups of white vinegar - bring to a boil and poor it in the jars with the
peppers - before that put some dill, smashed up fresh Garlic and
3 TBS of salt in each jar with the peppers - After that let em set for
a month….