Sunday, September 2, 2007

Winding A Clock

Not that Fabiola admits to having a touch of OCD, but she must confess to you that she spent a goodly portion of her day footly-tootlying around with the particulars of winding a Grandfather's clock that she allowed to run down.

It has a moon phase dial for goodness sakes! What was Fabiola thinking? Like almost anything worth having and keeping (take most men -- for instance.) Maintenance, consistency and lubricant are constants. Let even the tiniest measure of time elapse in that maintenance and hours of effort must be invested to bring the mechanics back to optimal reliability.

Sigh. Regardless, Fabiola again achieved her goal and her clockwork is running like, well ... clockwork again.

Dinner was delivery pizza. A very good pie, but not Fabiola's favorite hometown Harris Pizza, but then nothing ever is. Do you have a favorite hometown pizza place? How does it compare to the big chains?

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