Sunday, September 9, 2007

Ice Cream Anytime!

Fabiola Loves Ice Cream!
Fabiola does not like crushing ice, mixing in rock salt, spending hours turning a crank then cleaning-up after that mess afterwards. Fabiola saw the contestants on Top Chef making Ice Cream, they were NOT mixing ice and salt, they were plugging in, turning dials and letting a machine do the cranking and churning. Fabiola fell in love. Fabiola ran to the internet and bought herself a Cuisinart Supreme Ice Cream Maker. The trade-off with this appliance is that it is just a teensy bit loud when it runs. Similar in volume to an electric mixer running kinda-sorta. Worth the noise because --

Now Fabiola can make her favorite ice cream anytime that she wants to:

Chocolate Marshmallow Ice Cream:

2 Cups - Whole Milk - very cold
2/3 Cup - Granulated Sugar
1/2 Cup - Cocoa
2 Cups - Heavy (Whipping) Cream - very cold
1/2 teaspoon - Pure Vanilla Extract

Add-In Later:

Marshmallow Fluff (from a jar)

In a medium size bowl (preferably one with a handy-dandy pour spout) whisk Sugar into the Milk. Whisk, whisk, whisk. Make sure that the sugar is dissolved into the milk before you continue.

Slowly add in the Cocoa. Whisk, whisk, whisk. (You don't want any floaty blobs of cocoa ending up in your ice cream.)

Whisk in the Heavy Cream. Whisk in the Vanilla.

Pour into a 1-1/2 quart capacity ice cream maker. Follow the instructions that came with your ice cream maker. (Fabiola plugs in her machine, turns a dial and waits for about 45 minutes.) You may prefer to give your biceps a work-out cranking.

After the ice cream is done processing, before the ripening* step, place smallish blobs of Marshmallow Fluff on the top of the Ice Cream. Cut the Marshmallow Creme into the ice cream with a swirling motion. Don't stir! Just make a marbled effect. Add more Marshmallow Fluff if you wish to. Cut in again. (Fabiola likes LOTS of marshmallow.) Ripen Ice Cream. Enjoy!

* Ripening is the step where you put the just churned ice cream into a freezer to finish hardening.

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