Monday, September 10, 2007

Fabiola Rambles

In the world of contributions to strange entries in family photo albums, Fabiola (in her pre-beehive phase) was queen. Guess which one of the four children pictured is the nacent Fabiola?
Yes! The one covering her face! Caught without eye make-up don't you know? What is a future Fabiola to do?
At least in this photo, she was standing on both feet. There are an extrodinary number of photos where the future Fabiola is standing on one leg. Even she doesn't know why.
Where oh where was this Fabiolas photo taken? Actually, at a kind of special place, up a hill, In a garden, on the shores of a lake in North-East Indiana.
Hints. Gloria Swanson had a "castle" built on the shores of this Indiana lake. Gene Stratton Porter lived and wrote her limberlost series of books while living on this lake.
(Fabiola just KNOWS that there are hundreds of you exclaiming right now "oh, GOODY! Midwest trivia! My favorite!)
Fabiola Nags: What? You didn't read Gene Stratton Porter's books as a child? For shame! Do it now!


Anonymous said...

I give - what's it called? Some of my ansestors made a lake in Colorado. Ever heard of Woods lake?

Fabiola said...

I had not heard of Woods Lake. Looked it up. Beautiful!

"My" lake is Sylvan Lake.