Thursday, January 1, 1970

Who Is Mom?

Who is Mom?

Mom was an extraordinarily talented creative commercial artist, trained at theAmerican Academy of Art in Chicago, Il. She worked in that feild for only a short time, then as women did then, got married had children.

That she became the mother of 7 children is remarkable. That she survived raising us without turning into a crazy person is a miracle.

The things that I remember about Mom.

She (I believe this is accurate) designed and drew the Original logo for the Maurice Lenell's Cooky Company not the one that you see now the one that you can barely see in this photo

Most of what I remember were creative things that she did while we were growing up.

Of course, there was the amazing 12 days of Christmas, Christmas Tree Skirt that I mentioned in a previous post (but don't have a photo of -- I really really wish that I did have a photo of it, looking pointedly south west, in the direction of the sibling that likely has it under her tree right now and with a click and an e-mail could send one, ahem).

In a niche in a wall she created a mosaic of a cherub, she cut and placed real tile, it was georgeous!

On the wall running along the stairs from the back door to the kitchen, to hide fingerprints, she painted a dragon. I remember it being a happy, bright -- well I guess it was a mural, it was wonderful.

On the run from the first floor to the second, she painted a "tree of life" for the same reason.

Mom could sew and she made beautiful clothes.

Later in life (after we were mostly grown and she had more time to do things that she wanted to do) she would knit wonderful sweaters, made 4 or 5 more amazing Christmas Tree skirts and ...

What I remember about Mom was that although she was a busy person, she worked in time to be creative. The compromise was that most of what she did was practical creative, but there wasn't a time when she wasn't doing something creative.

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