Friday, November 2, 2012

Darlings - a shameless plug for my alter ego Mary's Sculpture

Be a Dear and go look at Mary's new finish on her bullfrog sculpture, (CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO GO THERE) the link will take you to Mary's Blogger sculpture blog.  Buy a dear exclusive frog sculpture, that would delight the Fab no end.

Oh, don't tell me that all your Christmas shopping is done.  Even the Fab hasn't started.  This frog is ideal for that gardener friend of yours.  Darlings, it is original Art. The 3-D equivalent of a fine art print, except Mary does all the work herself.  Make the Fab happy buy Art.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Kids and Candy - Top 10 Favorite Halloween Candy - According to some ...

Well, when the Fab was young  she loved Halloween.  The dressing up, the walk through the dark with other children (and parents).  It was exciting and spooky and fun all at the same time.  And when the Fab was young, the candy that neighbors gave out was wonderful and often full sized (snack and fun sizes had not been invented) the Fab’s favorite?  Smarties. Those wonderful tart round candies in a crinkly cellophane roll .  Sigh.  Smarties are from the Spangler Candy Company, which happens to be an Ohio company, which is where the Fab lives now, but it wasn’t when she was young.
These days, apparently the most popular Halloween candies are:
1)   Snickers
2)   Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
3)   Tootsie Rolls
4)   M&M’s
5)   Twizzlers
6)   Butterfingers
7)   Skittles
8)   Hershey Bars
9)   Kit Kat Bars
10)  Candy Corn -
Whatever happened to smarties?  Sigh.  Well, we all can’t have the finely developed tastes  of the Fab.  What is your favorite Halloween Candy Darlings?
And while we are on the subject of Holidays:  The Fab’s alter ego Mary has wonderful real Art for Real People (meaning it is real art made by a real Artist but priced so that you can afford it – Mary has spent way to many years working for a living she is a real Artist, just not a real Fancy artist) sculptures available for holiday gift giving.  Click this link to go to Mary’s sculpture Blog.

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Fab goes all political

No, Darlings, she had no intention of talking about the Presidential race. At least not in this post.  What the Fab wishes to talk about it science.  Just this moment on CBS news, the Fab heard how geological scientists in Italy are being charged with a crime because they failed to predict (yes predict, like the weather or a psychic reading, predict) the exact timing of a major earthquake that struck Italy.

Apparently, some in Italy failed to prepare for a 2009 major quake in L'Aquilla because they interpreted the statements of scientists and government officials as "reassuring", even though they had already had a series of minor earthquakes in the area.   See the BBC News article on the subject.

The Fab blames global warming climate change.  Not the event, which may or may not be happening now, soon, in the foreseeable future, just after the coming imminent ice age that was predicted in the 70's. The Fab blames the ATTITUDE that surrounds global warming climate change.  If a scientist present a theory, hooks up with politicians and folk that stand to make great big boatloads of money over the process to prevent the consequences of  the theory, then almost immediately declare the postulations behind the theory to be settled science and demand expensive tax payer funded action based on that theory.  THEN kick and scream like a spoiled child on the floor of the candy aisle at the grocery when anyone says - no.  You have set up a scenario where, you might be held responsible for not warning of events that no one can know for sure will happen.

Scientists can be a scientist or they can be a Deity.  Scientists get time to investigate and argue. Deitys get the blame for acts of God(s).  Choose.

The Fab realizes that this is stern for her sort of post, she is concerned about scientists acting like gods and people acting like spoiled children.  Neither of these is a good thing.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Combines Run Until the Bean Pods Get Tough - Harvest is on!


Except for the days with rain this last week, the combines have been humming from dew dry in the morning until dew drop at night.  What? Soybeans have pods, when the dried pods get damp they get tough. Tough pods either won't shell or get all gummed up in the grain table. When that happens, the beans end up on the field instead of in the combine hopper.  True. So when harvesting beans, it seems that the farmers get to work late and then they run late to make up for it.  That is not what is going on. Farmers farm when the time is right and every second of that.  Wait until corn, then the combines can usually run 24 hours, and sometimes they do.

Mary wrote more about Harvest on her Farmhouse Window Blog -- click here to read more

Monday, October 15, 2012

Darlings! Getting Back to Work ...

No this isn't career advice.  Sadly this economy is going to have to be worked through, mostly by the Fab's beloved Working Class, whomever sits in the big chair.  With a little luck, the behind in the big chair will realize that we have in this country more than a middle class.  For the love of Pete.  Regardless, the Fab had no intention of talking politics in this post.  She didn't.  Sometimes it happens.

What the Fab DID intend to talk about was that Mary has gotten back to work.  Art Work.  She did a portrait of her sister for her sister's 40th birthday.  Amy's hair is almost as wonderful as the Fab's.

Evening Star -  Click the Photo to go to Mary's Post about the painting
And, of course, Mary talks about it on her Art Blog

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Celebrating the Life of Annony the commenter

At Fantastic Fabiola the website, I, Fabiola, posted today in honor of Annony the commenter, who left this world one year ago today. RIP Ben Bridges.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Darlings! Since you are here Rural Artists, ... Consider Regionalism (Art not Politics, Dears)

What?  Here, let The Fab give you a hint:

Americana In Progress by Mary Wilson

Oh, for goodness sake!  It is the (counting on my fingers) 21st century. A revival, not a reproduction. Now, Mary is the creative one around here and she has this idea that the time for Regionalism as an Art movement has come (again).  Essentially, this Art movement can be summed up as "yea Farm! City, not so much".  That is the Fab definition anyway, Mary (of course) expands on that idea in a blog post.  This is not a new thing for Mary -- she even talked The Fab into mentioning it via a link on one of her posts.  Now, the Fab wonders aloud, are hairdressers and fancy dos allowed in this asthetic?  The Fab will have none of it if they aren't.

But if you are a not so city Artist, and your work is about what you know, maybe ...  The Fab has to hit the hairspray now.

Thank You Darling HeckofaGuy for the Liebster Blog Award!

Darlings!  Hello! The Fab has to say (well, she doesn't HAVE to say anything, but, well, what is a world without words? Lots of them, most of them just floating around the internets taking up electrons and headed no where, as are all the words enclosed in this particular set of parenthesis.) that she is honored and verklempt over Heck of a Guy bestowing upon her the Liebster Award.

The Fab knows that she doesn't deserve it, and she is humbled (as much as that is possible for a gal with such big hair), and promises to work harder to live up to DrHGuy's example of what a blog should be.